Concussion: What Is It?

Concussion: What Is It?

Concussions…the new watchword in sports, and potentially one of the most devastating injuries an athlete can sustain. Traditionally concussions have not been taken terribly seriously, the thinking being that the athlete should be ok within a few days to a week. If the symptoms lasted longer than that, the athlete was expected to “shake it off”, and to “get their head back in the game”. We now know that countless players in hockey, football, soccer and all other sports have suffered permanent and irreparable brain damage due to concussions that were never assessed and treated properly.

A concussion is classified as a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) and should be taken VERY seriously! A concussion results from a direct or indirect blow to the face, head or jaw causing the brain to suddenly shift inside the skull.  When the brain knocks up against the hard bony shell of the skull it causes bruising to the brain and individual brain cells.  Fast rotational movements of the head or whiplash type trauma to the neck or head can cause shearing and stretching of the brain’s cells and nerve fibres. All of these types of traumatic injury can cause alteration in brain function, resulting in a wide array of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms.

Concussion symptoms can affect the physical body, mental ability, emotional state and sleep patterns. They can have a devastating effect on a person’s school or work life, social and family life, their ability to drive, to see properly and generally function day to day. Do not disregard any symptoms you notice in yourself or someone you know after sustaining any head trauma; seek an evaluation by a doctor and a clinician trained in concussion management as soon as possible! Do not leave concussion untreated!

For more information on SYMPTOMS of and TREATMENT for concussion please read “Concussions: What to Look For” and “Concussions: What to Do”.

Dr. Kira Bailey, DC is a certified in Concussion Management through the internationally acclaimed Shift Concussion Management Program and provides concussion baseline testing and post-injury assessment using the ImPACT Neuro-Cognitive Testing program. She owns Shift: A Family Health Centre, a family and wellness based Chiropractic health anc wellness centre located in Fergus, Ontario


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