Chiropractic and ADHD, what’s the Connection?

Chiropractic and ADHD, what’s the Connection?

You might be asking yourself, why would a chiropractor be suited to help manage ADHD?   There are a multitude of good answers to that question! Doctors of Chiropractors are true doctors; trained as primary health care practitioners but with a special focus on the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems. The most important of these specialties is our very extensive study of, and deep connection to neurology and the nervous system.

Additionally, chiropractors are experts in wellness based nutrition and lifestyle practices. The world thinks of us as being “back doctors” but the truth is that we are much, much more than that. If you need trusted advice on how to live a healthy, happy life using holistic strategies, a chiropractor is the best doctor to turn to. We understand how nutrition, exercise and directed movement, sleep practices, stress reduction techniques and mindful behaviors shape your health and well being.  We are so effective in these arenas that Dr. Ned Hallowell, MD (the Harvard educated author of “Driven to Distraction” and one of the world’s most respected ADHD experts) chose the profession of Chiropractic with which to partner when he decided to co-create, along with myself and Dr. David Fletcher, SHINE for Doctors,  a unique drug-less and powerfully effective ADHD management system. He proclaimed chiropractors to be, “ideally educated and placed within the health care system to perform this work”.

Chiropractors are experts in all aspects of health care that embrace human wellness and vitality. The overriding focus of our profession is to provide every person we work with the chiropractic care, education and tools they need in order to live to their highest potential. We have the skills, the education and the vision required to achieve great success in caring for, and about those with ADHD. There is an alternative to medication, and it is offered by Chiropractors.

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