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The classical definition of ADHD is an inaccurate and limiting label. People with ADHD are not really deficient in attention; they actually experience what could be thought of as an attention surplus! Adults and children who have ADHD are acutely sensitive to EVERYTHING going on in the world around them, and all of it seems to require their immediate attention. They have multiple simultaneous ideas and thoughts flowing through their minds that all need to be addressed immediately – and when you couple this with an internal emotional world that is intense and perhaps unpredictable, an epic level of distraction occurs.

Those with ADHD are often labelled as scatter-brained or inattentive. They are described as ditzy, day dreamers or worse; stupid, lazy, rude, and unreliable. Nothing could be further from the truth…and we understand that. ADHD is simply a set of traits; some amazing and some harder to deal with. However, ADHD should never be treated as “wrong”, “bad”, “deficient” or “disordered”. Instead, it should be accepted for what it is; a set of characteristics with associated behaviours that can be used to a person’s benefit if harnessed effectively.

The best analogy for what it feels like to have ADHD was provided by Dr. Ned Hallowell, MD (a bestselling author and expert in ADHD). He compares having ADHD to owning a Ferrari for a brain, but it’s only equipped with bicycle brakes. This means that although there is lots of power and speed present, there is very little control over all that power. People with ADHD are trying really hard to do all of the things expected of them. They are also trying really, really hard to harness their excess energy, creativity and desire to be in motion while attempting to focus on just the one task in front of them. People with ADHD are the original multi-taskers; often functioning more effectively in environments that are busy, noisy and that allow them to move while thinking.

At SHiFT we have the tools, training and expertise to help those with ADHD to find, understand and harness their natural strengths and aptitudes. Put simply – we help people “strengthen their brakes”. The goal of the strength-based approach is to train a person to use the skills they already possess to help them harness their energy and focus. A full spectrum of advanced strategies, including neurological re-balancing, computer based-brain training and techniques to balance the spinal-neural connections are used. These are combined with sensory integration exercises, careful diet and nutrition planning, education centered on brain healthy lifestyle practices, sleep training and ongoing support and coaching from our team. Our goal is to help our clients achieve a greater measure of success, happiness and ease in their lives. To learn, work and play with greater joy and self-confidence; building happy relationships, careers and lives along the way.

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