The Gift of ADHD

Unwrapping the gift. Naturally.

ADHD is neither a deficit, nor a disorder, but rather a characteristic set of traits that can be either a person’s best friend or their worst enemy.

If these “traits are managed properly they are the ticket to success” on a grand scale;

if they are allowed to run amok then they contribute to a life of heartache and frustration.

When the principle traits of ADHD are examined from an alternate perspective, a different picture emerges.

  • Hyperactivity becomes high energy and drive to succeed
  • Distractibility becomes curiosity and inquisitiveness
  • Impulsiveness manifests as creativity and the ability to “think outside the box”

A person, who has a high energy, loves to learn new things and is a gifted creative force can accomplish almost anything that they choose…that is the Gift of ADHD.

At Shift, we use a “strength-based approach”. This means that we focus on teaching each person how to use their natural strengths and talents to help un-wrap their amazing gifts. When this is achieved, greater success in life, school, work and relationships is experienced.

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