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Medications such as Ritalin and Adderall, are the avenue of choice for most MD’s when treating ADD/ADHD. However, many people are looking for natural, drug-less and EFFECTIVE options for use in conjunction with, or instead of the traditional medical approach. The good news is that there is an immense amount of research being done in the arena of ADHD, yielding positive results in the usage of a variety of holistic disciplines for successful ADHD management.

Ongoing scientific research has shown us that through specific protocols of physical exercises and brain training programs, we can teach new patterns of thought integration, information processing, learning, physical sensitivity, organization, motivation and behaviour. These specific training techniques activate the same neurological pathways that are targeted by ADHD medications, giving the opportunity to achieve similar results but in a natural and holistic way, free of negative side effects.

The use of targeted nutrition, diet and vitamin/mineral supplementation have been shown to calm the mind, altering behaviors, smoothing moods, improving the immune system, improving digestion and sleep patterns. This creates the opportunity for the development of new brain patterns that cement the changes above into life-long improvements.

At SHiFT we have chosen to utilize a collection of these powerfully effective holistic strategies, including:

  • neurological re-balancing
  • nutritional and dietary shifts
  • cognitive training
  • sensory re-integration techniques (Interactive Metronome)
  • functional movement patterns (Learning Breakthrough System)
  • brain-friendly lifestyle practices
  • mindfulness and self-monitoring
  • stress management and sleep training

Used in a variety of combinations these strategies form programs that are custom tailored to the goals, strengths, and struggles of each person we enroll.  Remarkable results are achieved, helping each participant to experience more ease, more joy, more pride and more success than ever before.

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