ADHD Programs

Designed to serve the community.


We offer a variety of programs designed to serve the varying needs in our community:

Shift – Complete

This 90 day, in-house intensive program is focussed on working inside our facility’s sensory gym to accomplish a maximal amount of change within a 90-day window of time. Each client will receive a full program of mental/physical exercises, neurological re-balancing, chiropractic care, brain training, nutritional recommendations and lifestyle support delivered in a one-on-one basis. This program provides the highest level of customization and client support.


Shift – Shine

This 90 day, home based training program is perfectly designed to allow for successful brain training in a home environment. Each client will receive a complete program of mental/physical training exercises, neurological re-balancing, chiropractic care, nutritional recommendations and a brain friendly lifestyle education program custom tailored to their individual needs. This is delivered in both group and online formats.


Shift  – Custom

This program will be custom designed to reflect the needs of the client.  It will include some or all of the features and services listed above and is suited to the client who has already completed brain-training and/or a formal nutritional program focussed on ADHD, and/or has been previously enrolled in a chiropractic care plan.


Pricing will vary according to the specific services and programs required, please contact our office for more information.


Our programs were developed in conjunction with Dr. Ned Hallowell, MD. Dr. Hallowell has written dozens of books on ADHD, has spoken on television shows such as Dr. Oz, Oprah, Good Morning America  and The Doctor’s and is widely considered to be the world’s leading expert in ADHD.

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