A Holistic Approach to Weight Loss

One of the main concerns I have with the “weight loss industry” is that their focus is typically a one sized fits all approach, without taking into account that each of us are individuals with specific health concerns and emotional issues/needs. Without addressing the root cause of weight gain, including the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects, weight loss is challenging; and often times temporary. This approach is just not sustainable.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, my focus is uncovering the truth behind your weight gain and treating it as the symptom, NOT the problem. This is successfully addressed through detailed focused nutritional assessments and personal one on one coaching. Through this we can understand what really is going on in your body; understand the root causes; address the imbalances, and allow your body to return to a better state of health as you naturally release weight.

Your health matters. The first step is learning more about the process. Book your FREE 15 minute consult today. I look forward to connecting.

Live Well,

Jennifer Vettor R.H.N.

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