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We provide top quality chiropractic and natural health care services in a relaxed, friendly and service oriented environment. We believe that everyone deserves health care that reflects their individual priorities and needs, so we strive to offer a patient-centered experience that supports and empowers people in achieving their goals.

We are passionate about helping families in our community improve their health and wellbeing; allowing them to live healthier, happier and longer lives.

Chiropractic Kids

Infants and children benefit from chiropractic care. Children fall hard, play hard and challenge their bodies daily. They are growing at a remarkable rate and should be checked on a regular basis to make sure that their nervous system and spine are developing optimally. Studies show that most adult problems stem from childhood injuries, many seemingly minor. We all know that it’s easier to prevent a problem before it happens than to have to fix it afterward, so let our highly trained chiropractor check your child today.

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Many people are looking for drug-less solutions for ADHD. The programs we offer combine brain-training, exercise, nutrition and brain-friendly lifestyle changes to help those with ADHD learn to use their natural strengths and talents to overcome their challenges. Improved school/work performance, improved behavior, better sleep, better social relationships and a happier family are the result. Email or call today for more information or visit our sister site for more program information.

Centred Care

Some people use chiropractic periodically to treat painful flare-ups, some use it on an ongoing basis to help keep them from being in pain and some people visit regularly as a means of maintaining optimal health and well being. You are in control of how you choose to use our services. We understand that it’s your body and your health. We create custom care plans tailored to deliver the results you desire while respecting your choices and values.

“Our team is dedicated to your family's health. ” - Dr.Kira Bailey, DC

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